Pto Speed Reducer Gearbox



Applicable Industries:  Machinery Repair Shops
Place of Origin:  China
Brand Name:  EP
Gearing Arrangement:  Bevel / Miter
Output Torque: 
Input Speed: 
Output Speed: 

Pto Speed Reducer Gearbox

The gearbox is designed to alter the output speed of your tractor’s PTO shaft. Its versatile design allows the gearbox to be used as an increasing or decreasing ratio gearbox to suit your needs.
As a decreasing ratio gearbox, it will reduce the 1000 rpm PTO shaft speed to 540 rpm allowing the use of equipment designed to operate at 540 rpm.
As an increasing ratio gearbox, it will increase 540 rpm PTO shaft speed to 1000 rpm.
The gearbox is assembled with 2 x internal splined sleeves. One 13/8″Z6 the other 13/4″Z20. These splined sleeves allow direct coupling to your tractor’s PTO shaft as the input. The gearbox is also supplied with 2 x separate shafts with matching splines. These are easily assembled to give you the required output shaft.
– Although designed for attachment to a tractor’s PTO shaft, this gearbox can be used in other applications on agricultural machinery.
– A lug is supplied fitted to the base of the gearbox housing. This must be securely attached to your tractor by a chain or mounting plate to ensure the gearbox does not rotate during operation.
– Gearboxes are shipped without oil. Please fill the level plug with EP90 gear oil before use.
– This gearbox can be used on tractors with 13/8″Z21 (1000rpm) PTO shafts with the addition of our splined adaptor AL00296 (13/8″Z21 internal – 13/4″Z20 external)
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Why Install a PTO Speed Reducer?

If you want to add extra power to your farm machine, you should consider installing a PTO reducer. It not only saves fuel but also improves the performance of the machine.
The PTO reducer is a gear drive mounted on the tractor gearbox. It contains two internally splined shafts that drive the bell clutch. High-strength helical gears drive the gears for added durability.
To get the most out of your money, you need to buy the right PTO reducer. A good model will be made of the highest quality materials. Therefore, your machine can be used for many years.
It is very important to choose the right PTO for your application. You need to know the specifications and the best way to install the gearbox. One of the most common ways is to buy a kit. Depending on your budget, this might be ideal.
This PTO reducer is a 35mm unit compatible with 8R series wheeled tractors. The unit features a torque-limiting ring and built-in overload protection. To keep the equipment running at its best, it is manufactured with high-quality tapered bearings.

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